What Are The Requirements For Taking OET?

It is not a hidden fact that English is the most used language across the world. The spread of English language became prevalent due to the colonisation of the British people in different parts of the world. As Britain’s have ruled over various parts of the world for very many years so they have left their influence (especially in terms of language) in almost every region. Now, English has become necessity in various fields of life especially if you are in such profession where you are often going to need the common language to make other people understand about their problem and to comprehend their problem as well.  A slight misunderstanding in the form of communication can result in the dangerous outcomes especially in the field of medicine which is why one must be fluent in English language. To make sure that the health professional has a good grip over English language, an OET is taken. In this article we will be discussing about the requirements for taking OET in Sydney.

Requirements for taking OET:

Basically, OET is the abbreviation which is used for “occupation English test”.  It is the kind of an English test that is taken by the twelve kinds of health care professionals. These health care professionals are dentists, dieticians, nurses, occupational therapists, medical surgeons, optometrists, physiotherapists, pharmacists, podiatrists, radio-graphists, speech pathologist and veterinarians. The test of OET is taken in four different sections which comprises of reading, writing, speaking and listening. The basic requirement for taking this test is that one must belong to one of the above mentioned profession and secondly one must obtain at least B grade in all of the four sections (writing, speaking, listening and reading). If a person has not passed the OET then he won’t be allowed to practice his job in the countries where the first language is English. If you are interested about ESL CDs you can visit this site http://elt.com.au/specials/.

OET versus IELETS:

If you are getting confused between OET and IELETS then let us clear your confusion. IELETS is the “international English language testing system” that is taken by the non-native English speakers before they plan to move in any field of life in such a country where the first language is English. On the other hand, OET is the “occupation English test” which is taken from the health care professionals only. OET is considered much easier than IELETs because in OET only medical profession based questions are asked but in IELETS one has to prepare himself for everything.


OET is the occupation English test that is taken from the health care professionals which are specifically related to the twelve fields varying from dentistry to dietetics. This test is divided into four different sections of reading, writing, speaking and listening. It is comparatively easier than the IELTES. One can prepare for his OET by listening to CD’s and reading different books. “Bridge book shop” provides the best variety of English language books and CDs that are surely going to upgrade your English skills.