Key Benefits Of Soft Tissue Therapy

Canberra Soft Tissue Therapy is an Australian-based service provider that provides its amazing and therapeutic services all over Canberra, Goulburn, Queanbeyan, and Sydney. We offer services of soft tissue therapy, physiotherapy, and various types of therapeutic and clinical services. We are recognized as one of the best physiotherapists in Australia. We are a team of professionals who deal with every sort of chronic, external, or internal musculoskeletal pain. We make sure that our client leaves us happy and pain-free. We have our clinics in various cities in Australia. In each of the cities, we are referred to as the best therapeutic service providers. Visit for further information regarding physiotherapy in Canberra city.

We use highly technological and sanitized equipment. We also include the usage of modern tools in our therapy sessions because we believe that we should provide our clients with the best we could offer. There are various services that we provide such as soft tissue therapy, sports physio in Canberra, dry needling, fascial tapping, exercise physiology, Bowen therapy, and Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MND). We assure our clients by sharing our success stories and by telling us how many clients we have dealt with previously and how we have succeeded in beating their pains. We believe that medicines require time and take time to work on the human body, whereas our therapies take less time and show results in less time. Our professionals make sure that the therapy is done in the right way and the patient is comfortable throughout the therapy. We assure our clients that their pain will be relieved. We provide this assurance based on the amazing and successful history we have. If you bare someone who is facing any sort of muscle pain and you are not willing to go on medications, then opting for soft tissue therapy is the best option for you. 

 What are the benefits of Soft Tissue Therapy?

 There are various benefits of soft tissue therapy. Firstly, it helps in relieving pain. All sorts of muscle pain are almost cured by this therapy. Moreover, it increases and makes the flow of blood better in that particular part which is undergoing therapy. The increased flow of blood on a certain body part helps in making that body part relaxed and pain-free. Additionally, the soft tissue therapy is related to massage, a certain area is massaged using professional techniques which relaxed that area. This helps in improving the quality of sleep the patient will now get after the therapy. The pain often stops a person from sleeping and like the sleeping pattern of the patient gets distracted or disturbed. So it is true to say that this therapy helps in improving the sleeping patterns too.

How Robotic Technology Helps In Knee Replacement Surgery?

Knee replacement surgery is a very complicated surgery. With the passage of time technology makes the surgeries easier. Robotic technology enhances the surgery process for knee. Although, knee surgeons are considered as the most capable and experienced medical surgeons in this world but robotic technology allows them to do the knee surgeries in more efficient way. Robotic technology improves the skills of the surgeons as well that eventually good news for the knee patients. Knee replacement has become a normal treatment after the addition of robotic technology in knee replacement surgery. Due to addition of this robotic technology patient may over some major pains.

However, robotic technology does not perform the job of a surgeon but it adds on the efficiency during the operation and overcome all the errors that may be caused by humans. Robotic technology initially, scans the affected joint or area of the bone. Surgeon uses that scan report and creates the 3D image of the area that allows robotic knee replacement specialist to get to know the condition of the joint so, surgeon can make the blue print of the surgery and then execute it as per given details and CT scans. CT scan actually provides the clear picture of the knee joint. Robot technology eliminates the human errors that can be occurred during surgery. Robotic technology helps surgeons to ensures the correct positioning and placement of the implants. Robotic technology does not allow the surgeon to exceed from his/her dimensions that decreases the chance of errors.

Pros of using robotic technology in knee replacement:

The core benefit of using robotic technology in operate is that it refers surgeon towards small incisions that would be beneficial for patient. Due to robotic technology everything has already been measured and planned. Large incision may cause more complications in the surgery so, small incisions are also beneficial for the surgeons. There is less chances of blood loss in small incisions. Furthermore, robotic technology restricts doctors to stay in their dimensions. Patient can recover quickly due to small incisions. Robotic technology also provides the proper control or access of surgical instruments to surgeons that leads the operate towards success. Robotic technology very effectively assists the surgeons during operations that reduces their fatigues and eliminate chances of human errors.

Cons of using robotic technology in knee replacement:

The major drawback of using robotic technology is that it surprisingly increases the cost of the operation because it’s a very expensive technology itself. Disposable equipment that has to be used along with robotic technology also increases the cost of operate.


There is no compromise when it comes to health. We always recommend patients to choose professional surgeons for themselves.

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